1.1 Customer registration

The customer who wishes to appear as a registered customer must register the website with all requested information and personal data. An e-mail address must be entered as user name for the login and a password, as is provided in the dedicated area of ​​the website. Brickidea will send an e-mail to the e-mail address, which will inform you of the registration.

1.2 Acceptance of terms and conditions

The registered customer is obliged to read the general terms and conditions, which can be downloaded as a PDF file or printed out during registration. The customer is obliged to accept the general terms and conditions by clicking on the appropriate checkbox.

Article 2 - PURCHASE

2.1. Purchasing modality for the customer

The customer receives the building instructions not on paper, but as a digital format (PDF,XLS,XLSX and others), and he can download them directly from the website on his/her own PC. Each building instruction must be bought and paid for separately. Each seller can provide several files for download for each of his building instructions. The detailed information of the building instructions is displayed on the detailed view of the building instructions. The main characteristics and price including VAT of the building instructions are displayed. The purchased building instructions are displayed in the list of purchased building instructions, where the individual files can be downloaded at any time.

2.2 Payment modality

Every single purchase has to be paid either by credit card via Paypal system or directly with Paypal-Account.

(1) Credit card
The customer is directed to the Paypal page of the seller and must provide the data of the credit card with which the payment is to be carried out.

Brickidea will never know about the credit card, credit card number and financial or personal data of the customer through this payment procedure. The payment order is handled by secure connection through a closed system directly through Paypal.

Brickidea can under no circumstances be held responsible for the possible fraudulent and illegal use of credit cards when purchasing building instructions.

(2) Paypal

The customer is forwarded to Paypal system, where he can make the payment using his own username and password.

For each Paypal transaction the buyer will receive a confirmation email from Paypal.

2.3 Prices

The prices of building instructions, which are published on the website, are inclusive of VAT. The buyer buys the building instructions with exactly the price displayed in the detailed view.

The seller reserves the right to change the price of his building instructions at any time without notice. The price paid by the Purchaser upon purchase of the building instructions shall remain unchanged and unchangeable between the parties.

2.4 Description of products

The information in the detailed view of the building instructions on the website are entered by the seller itself.

Brickidea disclaims all liability for possible errors, inaccuracies and/or inconsistencies between the description and the illustrations in the detailed view, since an inappropriate quality of the illustrations may display colors incorrectly or added parts (such as minifigures, accessories, etc.) could be not part of the building instructions.


The website, the building instructions, the service and other functions are provided exclusively for personal purposes and can not be further sold by the customer. Any form of marketing of building instructions, services or contents of the website should be approved by the owner of the building instruction.


The information pursuant to Article 13 of the Decree. N. 196 of June 30, 2003 (the Act on the Protection of Personal Data) must be taken into account as part of this contract. For further information on the processing of personal data that is provided by you when registering on this website, please refer to the corresponding Privacy Policy link on the website.


5.1 Requirements

The only thing you must have is a Paypal-Account, whereby payments of the sold building instructions can be collected!

5.2 Sign in as vendor

After you have registered on the portal, you can decide to become a builder whenever you want. Before you can sell your building instructions you must first configure your online store, where you should be asked for your invoice data (mandatory only for private sellers) and Paypal email address.

5.3 Selling on Brickidea

We remind you that you can also sell your building instructions as a private, but you should not exceed a certain turnover per year. In this regard, we recommend you to obtain more information from an economic adviser as this situation could change from one state to another!

5.4 Responsability

By publishing your own building instructions, you are liable for the content that occurs in the building instructions. In the event of problems, the buyer can send you directly notifications. It is then in your interest to solve the problem as quickly as possible and inform the buyer accordingly. In the event of technical problems, the seller can contact Brickidea directly, who will try to correct the problem as soon as possible.

5.5 Rescission of contract

Deleting your own data as well as deleting your instructions sold on the Brickidea Marketplace can be requested at any time and at no additional costs. Only unsold instructions will be completely removed from the portal and the purchased ones will be removed from the sale but will remain available for customers who purchased them for download.