Can I sell my building instructions as private?

Yes, you can also sell your building instructions as a private person. But you should inform yourself with an economic consultant, or something like that, which year turnover limit may not be exceeded in your state as a private person. Brickidea is not responsible for any kind of problems of fiscal nature.

After I have paid the building instructions, will they be sent home to me by courier?

No, after you have paid you can download the building instructions from the detailed view of the building instructions, directly on the website.

What do I have to do if I have problems with the building instructions?

If you have problems with the building instructions, you can report the problem directly to the seller. He must then solve the problem as soon as possible. If the seller can not solve the problem, you can contact Brickidea.

Where can I find the brick parts needed for the reconstruction of building instructions?

There are several websites, where brick parts are sold. The most popular websites are:
- Brickshop: Italian / German website, where brick parts and minifigures LEGO® can be purchased
- Bricklink: English website where brick parts and minifigures LEGO® can be purchased
- Brickowl: English website where brick parts and minifigures LEGO® can be purchased

How can I pay for the purchase of the desired building instructions?

The building instructions can be paid by Paypal or by credit card (using the Paypal circuit).

Is it possible to buy several building instructions and pay only once for all?

No, unfortunately, the building instructions have to be bought and paid individually, since several vendors with different Paypal accounts offer their building instructions.

Do I need to be registered on the website before I can buy building instructions?

Yes, registration is required. However, the required data are minimal.

How can I become a top seller?

Each month, Brickidea calculates the total amount of sold building instructions by each seller. The best sellers are entered into the Top 10 list. The first 6 sellers are then also entered into the footer of the homepage as top sellers.

I would like to sell my building instructions on Brickidea, but do not know how?

Selling on Brickidea is very easy. First of all, you must register on the website and accept the general terms and conditions. Once you are registered, you can enter the Builder Area as a vendor, where you must configure your online store. After you have configured your store, you can then enter your building instructions.

Can building instructions be removed?

The building instructions can be taken away from the sale, but it is not possible to completely remove a building instruction. A building instruction that has been taken away from sale is still accessible for download by buyer that buyed the building instructions earlier.

How can existing building instructions be edit?

Once a building instruction is published, it will no longer be possible to edit it. However, you can create a new version of the current building instructions, which can be changed, before the sale is released again. The new version will then replace the current version. Customers who have purchased an older version can automatically download the new version without additional costs.

Do customers have to pay before they can download the building instructions?

Yes, customers can not download your building instructions until they have paid on your PayPal account through the PayPal system, which you specified as a seller during the registration phase. If you are salesman with VAT number Brickidea cashes for you from the customer directly. At the beginning of every month you will than issue an invoice to Brickidea with the indicated amount. Brickidea will transfer the invoice amount to your PayPal account upon receipt of the invoice.

What are the costs of selling through Brickidea?

There are no costs.

What are the advantages of selling my building instructions using Brickidea?

Your advantages are:
- Brickidea is a web portal specially created for building instructions
- thousands of visitors daily
- you earn 24 hours a day and 365 days a year