Brickidea is a Marketplace where you can buy and sell your own brick custom instructions.

Selling your instructions is very simple! The only thing you have to do is a Paypal account where you will receive your payments.

You can sell as private or as a company.

To sell your instructions, Brickidea has created a dedicated area named Builder Area.
From your Builder Area you can create your own custom shop, enter instructions with detailed information in several languages, add up to 8 additional images, video, categories, and easily upload your instructions, stickers and wanted lists in digital format.

Brickidea is not responsable for instructions put up for sale on the Marketplace.

It `s several forbidden to sell instructions from other owners unless otherwise agreed with the same. In this case, the sellers account is immediately blocked.

The terms nad conditions of sale on this portal are accepted at the registration stage of which you can view directly from this link.

For a better sales experience on this Marketplace we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. You can download these browsers directly from this link.